Fischer Technical Company

Fischer Technical Laboratory Safety Mats


Product Number ( Color )

Matred  ( Red   

MatBlk ( Black )

Rubber​ Glassware Cleaner



These flexible round bottom glass cleaners are ideal for use with a stirring rod to clean the bottom of narrow glassware such as test tubes and graduated cylinders

30mm wide, 5mm hole for stirring rod

Product Number


Silicone and Natural Rubber Spatulas



Our flat rubber spatulas are ideal for use with a stirring rod.  Available in natural red rubber and transparent silicone rubber.

5mm hole for stirring rod

​Product Number

#SILSPAT-S for Silicone, Transparent

​#SILSPAT-R for Natural Rubber, Red

​Vacuum / Pressure Aspirator Bulb



This PVC Deluxe vacuum / pressure bulb is ideal for gas aspirating duties

Natural Rubber- Red

Length- 111mm without valves; diameter 57mm

Shipping Weight- 0.5lbs.

Product Number