High Vacuum Pump Deluxe Experiment Kit

Item #LAV-3/G-DK

This kit includes everything you need to immediately begin teaching high vacuum physics right out of the box. The kit comes with our LAV-3/G high vacuum pump with a mounted 30” Hg gauge. The pump is a direct drive, two stage rotary vane high vacuum pump which can achieve 20 microns in laboratory conditions. The kit includes the following:

· LAV-3/G High Vacuum Pump with 0-30” gauge

· 6” x 11” Glass Bell Jar

· Acrylic High Vacuum Pump Plate with shut off valve

· 5’ High Vacuum Tubing

· 1 Quart of replacement high vacuum pump oil

· Balloons and a Petri Dish to show the balloon expanding at high vacuum and boil water at room temperature under high vacuum

· 2 Hose Clamps

*****This deluxe experiment kit is also sold with everything included above except the LAV-3/G High Vacuum Pump with 0-30" gauge as item #LAV-DKIT


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